CAP Barbell 150 Pound Dumbbell Set Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the middle of a 10K Runner ProgramOpens in a new tab. and felt a sudden pain in my left heel. Until then, I had been running thrice weekly for six weeks. It was my first serious problem, and I knew it would be an issue. Achilles TendonitisOpens in a new tab. is no fun, and it threatened to derail my progress.

I spent the next few weeks nursing my injured foot and looking for workarounds. Among the activities I tried, Strength Training scratched an itch that I had long forgotten. I did what I could with the limited equipment I had on hand and found it very enjoyable.

I quickly discovered that dumbbell exercises had a significant drawback. I only had a set of 15-pound dumbells, resulting in upwards of 25 reps on various movements. This was good for form and feeling the muscles work, but where would I go from there – 30 reps, 40 reps, 50 reps?

I made my way over to Facebook Marketplace and began searching for a deal. I hoped to find a set of 20-pound and 25-pound dumbbells for a reasonable price. There were plenty of sets out there, but each came with a side of sticker shock.

A set of 25-pound dumbells were listed at $80, a mere $10 savings from buying new from Dicks Sporting Goods or Walmart. There had to be a better way to pick up some weights and save money.

On a whim, I headed over to Amazon and searched for Dumbbells. The Amazon Basics brand wasn’t terrible, but it was still more than I wanted to spend. Then something else caught my eye – a CAP Barbell 150 lb Dumbbell Set for $189.99Opens in a new tab. (with Free Shipping).

This set worked out to roughly $1.25 per pound, and it also came with a rack. I wasn’t planning on buying a set, but my wife mentioned wanting lighter dumbells for her workouts. The longer I stared at the page, the more it made sense – so I placed the order.

CAP Barbell 150 Pound Dumbbell Set Review from Amazon

Placing My Order

The CAP Barbell 150 Pound Dumbbell set was listed on Amazon for $189.99 with Free Shipping. It is worth noting that this item is not Prime and has an estimated shipping time of 5 to 7 days. When placing the order, I was presented with three shipping options – Delivered to my Front Door or Porch (Free), Delivered inside my Entryway (Free), or delivered to a Room within my Home (Charge).

Because I have a covered front porch, I wasn’t concerned about the boxes getting wet and chose the Porch Delivery Option. The weights arrived in a Large Amazon Truck (not your typical Amazon Van) and were sorted into four boxes. The boxes were labeled A, B, C, and the Stand came in a separate package.

A few days after placing my order, I received an update from Amazon that my package would arrive sooner than anticipated. My order was placed on September 4th and arrived on September 10th.

Unpacking The Weights

The Dumbbell Set was packaged well, with each box containing plenty of tape and staples to keep it together during transport. Despite no packing material inside the box, the weights fit snugly and were undamaged.

Before placing my order, I read some of the Amazon Reviews, and a common note was that the product had a strong industrial odor. Some people reported it was so strong that they couldn’t use the dumbbells for a few days. I noticed the odor, which I suspect is from the rubberized coating.

While there is an odor, I don’t think it will be a problem in a Garage or Basement Gym. If you are working out in your living space, it may pose a problem, but it should dissipate over a couple of days.

The set includes the following pairs of dumbbells – 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, and 25lb for a total of 10 dumbbells.

Assembling The Stand

The stand is metal and made up of six pieces. Each piece is bolted together to create a triangular frame. The package includes all necessary Bolts, Nuts, and Washers for assembly. You are supplied with an Allen Wrench; however, you will need an additional Wrench (1/2″ or Adjustable). Putting the stand together is simple and can be done in a few minutes.

My only complaint about the stand is that it is narrow. I can only fit three fingers between the uprights to pick up the weight. Since the weights are relatively light (5lb up to 25lb) this isn’t a big problem. If the weights were heavier, I suspect that getting them off the rack would be more of a challenge.

CAP Barbell 150 Pound Dumbbell Set - Frame

Using The Dumbbells

The CAP Barbell 150-Pound Dumbbell Set has several handle options – including a Comfort Grip. I went with the standard chrome handle since it was the cheapest. The chrome handles have knurling to improve grip. I didn’t find it to be very coarse, but I also don’t care if I developed calluses as a result.

I spent a few minutes using each dumbbell to see how it felt and was pleased. Even when swinging them, they felt solid and well put together (no clicking or movement between the handle, ends, or rubberized cap).

I did not weigh each dumbbell to see how close it was to the advertised weight. For the type of strength training that I do, I trust that they are close enough.

CAP Barbell 150 Pound Dumbbell Set Review

Would I Recommend Them

After window shopping on the used market, I think the CAP Barbell 150 Pound Dumbbell Set on Amazon is a bargain. I’ve been happy with all aspects of my purchase and think they would make an excellent start to a home gym.


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