Day 1: The Slim Down Dad Journey

I’ve been a Yo-Yo Dieter for many years. I’ve done MyFitnessPalOpens in a new tab. to Track Calories (Free and Paid), Keto, Beach Body WorkoutsOpens in a new tab. (Insanity and Focus T25), Strength Training (Starting StrengthOpens in a new tab. and Wendler 5/3/1Opens in a new tab.), Running (Couch to 5kOpens in a new tab.), and even paid programs such as NoomOpens in a new tab..

In truth, each and every program I have attempted has worked. Some more than others, but they have all worked. With time and effort, weight loss occurs. Unfortunately, the sad truth is I’ve managed to regain every pound I’ve ever lost on these various diets and programs.

I tend to dive into things and commit, swearing that this is my new way of life. I find a rhythm and push myself to make progress. I’m also a creature of habit, and once my routine is compromised, I have a tendency to fall back into old patterns.

Finding Success

My most significant success and failure happened roughly seven years ago. I found a Strength Training routine that I enjoyed immensely. I developed the cardio fitness necessary to run six miles. I lost roughly 40 pounds and felt the best I had in my adult life. Then my second daughter was born.

My time running and lifting was traded for spending time with my new baby girl. I don’t regret making that trade, but days between exercising turned into weeks. Before I knew it, it was my daughter’s first birthday, and the only exercise I had done in months was sprinting across the house to dispose of an exploded diaper. As you would imagine, the weight came back with a vengeance.

I’ve had various levels of success since then, but something always steals my focus and derails my commitment. My kids are growing up, and I’m fortunate that they want to run and play with their Dad. The depressing side of that coin is that it often exhausts me – “Sorry girls, Dad needs a break!”

I don’t know how much time I have left before my kids reach the age where they don’t want to spend time with their parents. I need to make a change that sticks. 20 years from now I’d love to be able to run and play with my Grandchildren.

Making A Change

In 2022 I turned 40 years old. We all took a family hike at the Daniel Boone HomesteadOpens in a new tab. for my birthday. I had a wonderful time and realized that I wanted many more days like this in my future. Work got busy, and things didn’t turn out how I had hoped. Winter rolled around, and we only managed to go hiking a handful of times.

Over the Spring of 2023, I resolved to do better than I had the year before. I told myself I would make a positive change to become more active. Hiking with my family was my focus – even if it was a sporadic short trip on a trail at Green Lane Park.

Jogging with 10K Runner

The unofficial start of Project Slim Down Dad occurred on June 10th when I loaded the 10K Runner App on my iPhoneOpens in a new tab. and resolved to become fit enough to run a 10k. Day 1 of the program was miserable, and I finished a simple workout panting and wheezing.

Despite my exhaustion, I felt good. It was only a tiny victory, but it was a victory nonetheless – I made it through the very first workout!

It hasn’t been easy but I’ve stuck to the program and have been running multiple times each week. Progress is slow but I’m pleased with the results.

This is where things get a little weird, chronologically speaking. I spent several weeks running with the program but the inspiration to start a Blog didn’t come until much later. You’ll have to accept my apology for starting a journal part way into my journey. I hope this blog post helps to get you caught up and future posts make sense.


Hey, I'm Walt, the Dad behind Juggling life with three active children (All Girls 😳), I'm navigating the world of fitness and family. The main focus of this blog is to serve as a fitness journal - a place where I can share stories and look back on my progress. My ultimate goal is to create a space where I can inspire other fathers to get out and be more active while making memories with their kids. Let's take on this adventure together!

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